Head Office (Ireland): +353 1 293 2924 [email protected]

Head Office (Ireland): +353 1 293 2924
[email protected]

EC-Council Associate (ECA)

Industry recognised cybersecurity

EC-Council Associate

Industry recognised cybersecurity

EC-Council Associate

EC-Council Associate (ECA) certification is new entry-level globally recognised cybersecurity certification from EC-Council, proving a person’s skills in offensive and defensive cybersecurity practices and techniques.

Earning ECA Certification can help students differentiate themselves in today’s growing cybersecurity job market, broaden employment opportunities and result in higher earning potential.

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Cyber Forensics Associate (CFA) Certification

The Cyber Forensics Associate certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge on how to detect hacking attacks and properly extract evidence to report the crime and conduct audits to prevent future attacks. Individuals who learn the principles of digital forensics can become invaluable members of incident handling and incident teams.

Ethical Hacking Associate (EHA) Certification

The Ethical Hacking Associate certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge in information security and network security, assuming the tools and methodologies of a hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner. This credential certifies individuals at an entry-level of network security discipline of ethical hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.


What Job Market has ZERO unemployment?

Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity as a profession is evolving, the barrier to entry is rising, and the demand for skilled cyber porofessionals continues to grow, but it is being refined, demanding a higher level of skill and ability.

Take the next step!

Prodigy Learning's "Four Stage Learning Pathway"

Prodigy Learning offers a comprehensive pathway for EC-Council Associate certification from learning solutions through to certification exams. To ensure that the ECA certifications are delivered successfully, Prodigy Learning strongly recommends following the Four Stage Learning Pathway leveraging these solutions.


1. Skills Analysis

Use GMetrix Action Learning as a Skills Analysis tool to identify learners' areas of weakness.


2. Learning Solutions

Use approved self-paced or instructor-led Learning Solutions.


3. Practice Tests

Sit the GMetrix Practice Test. Comprehensive reporting proves readiness for the certification exam.


4. Certification Exam

Sit the Exam.  Prove learners' skills with a robust, internationally standardised assessment.

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