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Digital Badging for MOS 2013

Certiport has just launched digital badging for MOS 2013. Now you can show off your success in MOS 2013 across multiple online platforms!
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Digital Badging for MOS 2013

We’re excited to launch digital badging for MOS 2013!  All those who have earned an English language MOS 2013 certification are eligible to receive MOS 2013 badges based on the certifications awarded.

MOS 2013 digital badges allow you to show your employers, colleagues, family and friends the skills you’ve demonstrated by passing the MOS 2013 certification exams.  Digital badges can be shared on online platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook’s social media profiles.

All those who have earned a MOS 2013 digital badge are being notified via email (from Acclaim) over the next month. Follow the instructions in the email to claim and share your badge through Acclaim.

With MOS 2013 Badges, you can:

  • Show off your success on the MOS 2013 test across multiple online platforms — like LinkedIn, Facebook, and email
  • Make it easy and simple for employers to verify your accomplishments and learn more about what they mean
  • Set yourself apart from other students and job-seekers by showcasing your skills


  • How do I get started?
    Once you’ve earned a badge, you’ll be notified via email (from Acclaim). Follow the instructions in the email to claim and share your badge through Acclaim.
  • How do I share my badge?
    From your Acclaim account, you can access and share your badges on the webpages and social media profiles you wish You can also add your badges to your email signature.

About Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the world’s most recognised computing qualification for proving a person’s skills and abilities in Microsoft’s Office applications.

More Information

To learn more about Microsoft Office Specialist certification please click here or contact us.

Published on Tuesday, 8 Mar 2016

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