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BIAD Offers ACA Certification

BIAD Offers ACA Certification
Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) is one of the most established, largest and most significant centres for art, design and architecture education in the world.  It was founded in 1843 and is major centre for the creative and cultural industries.  Based in the midlands, BIAD works with leading educational and research partners in the UK, Europe, China, India, Thailand and North America.

BIAD’s School of Visual Communication has adopted the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certifications to offer to their undergraduate students studying Film and Animation, Graphics, Photography and Illustration.  On the reason for adopting the ACA certifications, Paul Slocombe, (Head of School of Visual Communication, BIAD) says: “As one of the UK’s top Universities for Art and Design, we want to make sure that our students not only get the best practical experience available but also qualifications that employers recognise.  Adobe’s ACA certifications provides professional qualifications that are recognised by industry, which we feel is important for our students”.

On the news that the School of Visual Communication are taking on the ACA certifications, Craig Bewley (Director, Prodigy Learning) added: “BIAD’s Visual Communication School offers some of the most popular and sought after Art and Design courses in the country.  Their decision to adopt the ACA certifications, provides further proof that having an Adobe qualification for students in this sector is considered to add significant value”.

About Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification demonstrates proficiency in Adobe's digital communication tools. ACA is a prerequisite qualification that students need in order to succeed in the high demand areas of digital communication and media.

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