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MOS 2013 Exam Updates

MOS 2013 Exam Updates
Prodigy Learning is happy to announce some exciting updates to the MOS 2013 exams that are designed to create a better exam experience for test candidates.

Since the launch of the first MOS 2013 exams we have been collecting customer feedback and post-exam comments from test candidates to evaluate customers' perspectives on the new project-based exam format.  Based on this valuable feedback, Certiport has prepared some exciting updates to the MOS 2013 exams designed to address specific customer concerns and improve the exam experience.

New Features Include:

  • A new exam interface that features fewer exam windows creating a cleaner and simpler look.
  • New tab-based toggling between exam instructions and reference images to maximize critical exam workspace.
  • A new navigation path designed to help candidates navigate to desired exam instructions quicker and easier.
  • A new task-tracking indicator to help candidates track their progress and quickly return to uncompleted portions of the exams.
  • A new exam instructions format designed to present the exam instructions in a clearer and easier to read format.

Click here to learn more about these features.

These new updates are scheduled to be implemented in every project-based MOS 2013 exam by mid-September.  More details and firm dates will be posted on our Support Portal and "Technical Tweets" Twitter feed as they become available.

MOS 2010 - Office 365 Exam Retirement

In an effort to support the most current technologies Certiport and Microsoft have announced the retirement of the Office 365 exam on December 31, 2014. The Office 365 exam is a member of the 2010 suite of MOS exams.  Following its retirement, all MOS exam vouchers, inventory, and licenses may still be applied to any of the current MOS exams including the new project-based MOS 2013 exams.