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Kingston University Pilots ACA

Kingston University Pilots ACA
Kingston University is located in Kingston upon Thames in south west London. With more than 21,000 students, it offers an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes both in the United Kingdom and overseas. The University is a growing force in research and a pioneer in e-learning. It has been using Adobe’s software for many years and will be offering its students the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) awards as part of a pilot this academic year.  

The pilot will involve approximately 180 students completing the University’s media and communication technology courses, which include the BSc(Hons) Media Technology, BSc(Hons) Television and Video Technology, BSc(Hons) Creative Technology and MSc/BSc(Hons) Computer Graphics Technology all taking a Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC exam this academic year.  A further 150 computer games students are also likely to sit Photoshop CC and Premiere Pro CC.

All in all, the University is planning to certify over 300 students in the first year of the pilot.  Susan Scotcher, (Course Director for Television and Video Technology, Kingston University) adds: “Having certification from a global brand name such as Adobe will definitely enhance our students’ chances of gaining employment when they graduate. Having come from industry myself, I know  these are exactly the skills  employers are looking for.

On Kingston University’s decision to adopt the Adobe ACA certifications as part of a pilot, Craig Bewley (Director, Prodigy Learning) says: “Having such a prestigious  academic institution in London  as Kingston University decide to pilot the ACA certifications this year is fantastic news. It further reinforces the message that Universities are increasingly recognising the value to their graduates of having both an academic qualification  along with industry-recognised  credentials.”

About Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification demonstrates proficiency in Adobe's digital communication tools. ACA is a prerequisite qualification that students need in order to succeed in the high demand areas of digital communication and media.

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