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Prodigy Learning & HPfE

Prodigy Learning is delighted to be an education partner in the HP for Education Programme.
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Prodigy Learning & HPfE

Prodigy Learning is delighted to join as an Education Partner in the HP for Education programme. The HP for Education Programme (HPfE) encourages schools to be environmentally responsible by trading in old desktops and tablets while at the same time making a school’s IT budget go further. Trade in your school’s old desktops, laptops and tablets and receive cash rewards which your school can use to invest in equipping students and educators with future-ready Digital Skills and certifications.

Educators can see a visible return on their investment as students develop the digital skills needed to get the most out of the school’s Microsoft technologies. The more students who know how to properly use Microsoft applications including Word, PowerPoint and Excel the more productive they are in a classroom environment.

Certification programmes increase productivity in keyMicrosoft applications for educators and students alike. Gaining a Microsoft certification validates the advanced skills they have attained which offers increased employment opportunities by enabling students to stand out to employers, thereby resulting in higher earning potential.

For students aspiring to work or study in the field of computing science, gaining Microsoft technical certifications in coding, databases or IT infrastructure can act as a key differentiator allowing progression in their chosen field. In addition, educators can realise significant personal gains in the effective use and integration of technology to support teaching and learning across all subject areas by increasing their pedagogical knowledge consolidated in the context of relevant Microsoft technologies.

As part of the HPfE Programme, Prodigy Learning have tailored unique packs to help you introduce Digital Skills and Certifications to your school’s curriculum and CPD programme. 

Schools can choose from the following Prodigy Learning HPfE packs:

  • 1: IT Productivity Pack
  • 2: Computer Science Pack
  • 3: IT Productivity & Computer Science Pack
  • 4: Minecraft Pack
  • 5: Microsoft Imagine Academy Licence
  • 6: Microsoft Imagine Academy ‘Unpacked’

Click here to see exactly what each pack includes.

Microsoft Certifications
Become Certified by Microsoft and receive a Digital Badge for Microsoft Office Specialist,Microsoft Technology Associate or Microsoft Certified Educator certification programmes. For further information about the HPfE offer click here.

Published on Thursday, 12 Apr 2018

Recent News & Updates

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Joining forces to deliver engaging, easy to teach computer science curriculum & assessments within the Minecraft Education universe. Together we will be bringing credentialing into Minecraft Education in key, in-demand skills areas starting with Prodigy Learning’s Coding in Minecraft program.

Introducing our Fresh New Look

Prodigy Learning is delighted to introduce our new company logo.

This clean new logo reflects our company values and continued commitment to innovation; integrity; and continuous improvement.

Festive Wishes & Holiday Hours 2023

Prodigy Learning would like to wish customers, partners & friends Festive wishes and share its office Holiday Hours for 2023 and the New Year.

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