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Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Start your cloud computing career


Start your cloud computing career


Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF) will put your students on the path to successful future careers in artificial intelligence (AI), data science and cloud computing.

The future of computing is in the cloud, and the cloud is growing – fast! Whether it’s data storage, web hosting, CRM management, or online productivity tools, companies are looking for trained individuals who understand the benefits of the cloud, and they’re not finding them quickly enough.

Similarly with the usage of big data and artificial intelligence on the rise, the demand for data scientists is not being met—and the gap is widening.

Prepare your students to succeed in these job roles with Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification. These entry-level exams are the first tier in Microsoft’s role-based certification program.

Click on the digital badges below to view the Exam Objectives:

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals

Azure Fundamentals

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals

Prove foundational knowledge of cloud computing and the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud model.

Azure Fundamentals

AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals

Prove foundational knowledge of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) workloads and how to implement them on Azure.

M365 Fundamentals

DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals

Prove foundational knowledge of core data concepts and how they are implemented using Microsoft Azure data services.

M365 Fundamentals

MS-900 M365 Fundamentals

Prove foundational knowledge, available options and benefits gained by implementing Microsoft 365 cloud service offerings.

Power Platform Fundamentals

PL-900 Power Platform Fundamentals

Prove skills in automating business processes, analysing data and acting more effectively.

Dynamics 365 Fundamentals CRM Digital Badge

MB-910 Dynamics 365 Fundamentals CRM

Prove general knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement apps.

Dynamics 365 Fundamentals ERP Digital Badge

MB-920 Dynamics 365 Fundamentals ERP

Prove functional understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 finance and operations apps.

Security Compliance and Identity Fundamentals Digital Badge

SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals

Prove foundational knowledge of security, compliance, and identity (SCI) across cloud-based and related Microsoft services.

MTC Certificate


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist top emerging job with 18x more talent employed in this role than 2015.

Linkedin 2020 Emerging Jobs Report 

Career paths

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals leads towards:

  • Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Desktop Admin
  • Dynamics Consultant
  • Dynamics User

Take the next step!

Prodigy Learning's "Four Stage Learning Pathway"

Prodigy Learning offers a comprehensive pathway for Microsoft Certified Fundamentals certification from learning solutions through to certification exams. To ensure that the certifications are delivered successfully, Prodigy Learning strongly recommends following the Four Stage Learning Pathway leveraging these solutions.


1. Skills Analysis

Use GMetrix or Measureup as a Skills Analysis tool to identify learners' areas of weakness.


2. Learning Solutions

Use LearnKey video training or other approved self-paced or instructor-led Learning Solutions.


3. Practice Tests

Sit the GMetrix or Measureup Practice Test. Comprehensive reporting proves readiness for the certification exam.

4. Certification Exam

Sit the Exam.  Prove learners' skills with a robust, internationally standardised assessment.

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