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Information Technology Specialist (ITS)

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Start your career in technology

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Information Technology Specialist (ITS) Certification is a way for students to validate entry level IT skills sought after by employers. The IT Specialist program is aimed at candidates who are considering or just beginning a path to a career in information technology. Students can certify their knowledge in a broad range of IT topics, including software development, database administration, networking and security, mobility and device management, and coding.

Help your students get on the pathway to a prosperous career by administering IT Specialist exams in your classroom.

Click on the digital badges below to view the Exam Objectives:

IT Specialist Certifications

Software Development Fundamentals

Artificial Intelligence

Candidates are AI enabled learners and are prepared for the professional use of AI by understanding how AI can be used to solve problems.
Cloud Computing ITS digital badge

Cloud Computing

Candidates will be able to identify and describe end solutions that leverage cloud technologies, considerations that span across solutions and the “art of the possible” in utilizing cloud to develop solutions.
Computational Thinking digital badge

Computational Thinking

Candidates decompose problems, collect and analyze data, recognize patterns in data, represent data through abstractions, and automate solutions by using algorithmic thinking.
Cybersecurity Digital Badge


Candidates are starting their journey in the cybersecurity field. This exam assesses their understanding of key security paradigms, terminology, and mindset.
Data Analytics Digital Badge

Data Analytics

Candidates are seeking to prove introductory knowledge of how to responsibly manipulate, analyze, and communicate findings of data analysis.
Databases Digital Badge


Candidates will demonstrate foundational knowledge of how to design and query relational databases, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.
Device Configuration and Management Digital Badge

Device Configuration and Management

Candidates will demonstrate foundational skills in, and a basic knowledge of, Windows devices and mobility.
HTML and CSS Digital BAdge


Candidates will demonstrate that they can structure a webpage using HTML elements and create and apply styles using CSS.
HTML5 App Dev Digital Badge

HTML5 Application Development

Candidates will demonstrate their ability to use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript to build responsive web applications that will run on a variety of touch-enabled devices, including PCs, tablets, and phones.
Java Digital Badge


Candidates will demonstrate that they can recognize, write, and debug Java code that will logically solve a problem.
JAvaScript Digital Badge


Candidates will demonstrate that they can recognize, write, and debug JavaScript code that will logically solve a problem.
Networking Digital Badge


Candidates will demonstrate foundational networking knowledge and skills, including TCP/IP, networking services, networking topologies, and troubleshooting in wired and wireless environments.
Network Security Digital Badge

Network Security

Candidates will demonstrate foundational security knowledge and skills, including an understanding of core security principles operating system security, network and device security, and secure computing practices.
Python Digital Badge


Candidates will demonstrate that they can recognize, write, and debug Python code that will logically solve a problem.
Software Development Digital BAdge

Software Development

Candidates will demonstrate core software development skills, including object-oriented programming, web applications, and databases. Candidates are expected to have some experience with C# and ANSI SQL.

Microsoft MTA Retirement Map

Microsoft Technology Association (MTA) Certification Exams officially retired on June 30, 2022. If you are interested in the options available to replace MTA exams, please take a look at the MTA retirement map below which outlines the IT Specialist (ITS) and Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF) Certification Exams that map to the previous MTA Certification Exams. 

MTA Retirement Map pdf

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63% of employers believe colleges and universities aren’t teaching the right skills.

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Prodigy Learning's "Four Stage Learning Pathway"

Prodigy Learning offers a comprehensive pathway for IT Specialist certification from learning solutions through to certification exams. To ensure that the ITS certifications are delivered successfully, Prodigy Learning strongly recommends following the Four Stage Learning Pathway leveraging these solutions.

1. Skills Analysis

Use GMetrix or Measureup as a Skills Analysis tool to identify learners' areas of weakness.


2. Learning Solutions

Use LearnKey video training or other approved self-paced or instructor-led Learning Solutions.


3. Practice Tests

Sit the GMetrix or Measureup Practice Test. Comprehensive reporting proves readiness for the certification exam.

4. Certification Exam

Sit the Exam.  Prove learners' skills with a robust, internationally standardised assessment.

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