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Dudley College of Technology (MOS)

Learners celebrate huge success with Microsoft Office Specialist Certification at Dudley College of Technology
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Dudley College of Technology (MOS)

Dudley College of Technology celebrates learners huge success recently with Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate presentation.

Dudley College recognise that being properly trained and qualified is probably more important today than it has ever been. Whatever people aspire to do, be it finding a job, training for a career, preparing for university – having the right skillset and knowledge is essential.

The college offers hundreds of different courses and pride themselves on providing a lively, fun and caring environment which aims to give students the ability to succeed. In addition to traditional academic learning, Dudley College offers its learners the opportunity to increase their employability prospects with a range of certification programmes and training including Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification programme.
Not only have Dudley College learners successfully earned MOS certificates, they performed exceptionally well. To acknowledge top – performers, Dudley College recently held a presentation of MOS certificates.

Alex Robinson (IT Lecturer, Dudley College) said “A large cohort of students and staff recently passed their MOS exams in a range of modules including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel exams, ending the year with fantastic results. One learner even passed the Microsoft Word Expert Exam along with PowerPoint and Excel, giving her a Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certificate, they’ve all worked hard, and I look forward to seeing where their education and new credentials take them next.”

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is the number one credential chosen by individuals seeking to validate their skills and advance their careers. MOS Certification is the only official credential from Microsoft and is recognised across all industries around the world.

Learners commented that they felt they took away valuable new digital skills and felt much more confident in using Microsoft Office at home, in work and particularly when applying for new jobs and promotions. Alex also said the results from learners this year have been outstanding, and he is really “looking forward to signing up the next cohort in September and achieving more high-level results.”

Andrew Lenehan (Regional Account Manager, Prodigy Learning) commented: “The results at Dudley College this year have been fantastic. It’s great to see so many students passing the certification exam and taking the skills they have learned out into the workplace. Having a MOS certification really sets people apart in the competitive jobs market. It’s very common for CV’s to include the line ‘I am proficient in the use of Microsoft Office’, however this tends to lack proof and be based on personal opinion’s. A CV that includes a Microsoft credential and digital badge says that Microsoft validate your ability to effectively use Office tools. More and more colleges and universities are recognising the benefits to students of MOS certification and I am delighted that Dudley College is at the forefront of this.”

For further details about MOS Certification programmes and other vendor qualifications from Microsoft, Adobe and Autodesk, see prodigylearning.com.

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Published on Sunday, 19 Aug 2018

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